Facilities available in the hostels

All the hostels are well furnished and are equipped with a dining hall accommodating more than 200 people (in Ganga hostel) and more than 75 (in other hostels) for mess. Dining halls are equipped with metal tables and chairs with all the modern kitchen appliances in the kitchen. All the hostels have 24 hours RO water supply for drinking purpose and 24 hours tap water is available for domestic purposes. All the hostels have 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity for academic purpose to all the students. Uninterrupted power supply is made available 24 hours and each hostel has a TV room with a dish connected LED TV. There is a computer room in each hostel with about 10 computers with internet facility for academic purpose. All hostels have supply of 2 English daily newspapers. Separate mess facilities are made available for boys and girls with good nutritious food at reasonable rates. 24 hours security is available at each hostel. At girls hostels in-house matrons are there to take care of students during night time.

Hostels open at 6.00AM and closes at 8.00PM. The mess timings are as follows :

Breakfast : 7.30AM - 8.30AM
Lunch : 12.45PM - 1.45PM
Evening Tea with Snacks : 5.30PM - 6.30PM
Dinner : 7.30PM - 8.30PM

Chief Warden: Prof. V. S. Prasad

Sl. No. Name of the Hostel/Guest house Wardens Nature Total number of rooms No. of Students General occupancy
1 Ganga Dr. V. Chandranna & Smt. Shanti Grace Girls Hostel 180 410 2 seaters / 3 seaters
2 Kaveri Mr. Madhu B Boys Hostel 62 128 2 seaters / 3 seaters
3 Narmada Dr. Sujatha H & Dr. Anupama Girls Hostel/Guest Hostel for Ladies 40+16 65 2 seaters
4 Krishna Dr. K. Shaji Boys Hostel/ Guest Hostel for Gents 22+38+2 25 2 seaters